Increased Offertory Program

What is the Increased Offertory Program?

The Increased Offertory Program is a parish-wide endeavor designed to change the way we approach Mary’s Nativity – St. Ann Parish’s budgeting and preparation for parish needs.

Our parish, like many other parishes in this Diocese, operates on an ongoing basis. This means that much of the offertory we receive each month is used to pay bills, pay insurance, and pay our staff. Much of the upkeep that any property needs must be deferred until it either becomes an emergency or a specific donation addresses the need.

Our goal with this Increased Offertory Program is to begin a movement away from this model. We would like to be able to address these ongoing and deferred needs before they become emergencies and before the costs increase. Our hope is to increase our offertory in the coming weeks and sustain this increased  offertory for years to come.

Every parishioner will receive a mailing that provides more information on our Increased Offertory Program.

To accompany our Increased Offertory Program, we will be engaging in a parish-wide online giving endeavor. Our hopes are to increase the number of online givers at our parish. Online giving will make it easier for each  parishioner to budget and to help our parish. If you are interested in online giving, please click here: Online Giving

The Increased Offertory Program will provide a direct benefit to our parish through increased weekly collections, but it will also serve to educate us on practicing stewardship in our daily lives.

Mary’s Nativity – St. Ann Parish is your home and every parishioner here has inherited this home from previous generations. By practicing stewardship in our daily lives, we can ensure that future generations can also call Mary’s Nativity – St. Ann their home.