Sacrament Certificates & Sponsor Letters


Copies of Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage certificates may be obtained through the Rectory by:

1.  Visiting us during business hours (proper ID required) OR

2. Through the USPS Mail (no email or faxes.  Please include a self-addressed stamp envelope).

Please include as much information as possible, e.g.

  • Name of Person
  • Birthdate
  • Date of Sacrament
  • Church where Sacrament was administered
  • Contact Information

(We appreciate any goodwill offering)


If a Letter of Sponsorship is needed, it will be issued only to Parish members who are registered at least six months, regularly attend Mass, and have received the Sacraments.  Regular use of envelopes indicates attendance at Mass.  Sponsors for Baptism and Confirmation are to be Baptized, Confirmed, and if Married, have done so in compliance with Church law.